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Sunday, October 09, 2011


Mary took me out for a pedicure for our anniversary. I’d never been.  Lord knows my feet could use some attention.  My operator, Cindy, met what must have been quite a challenge with good humor.

pedicure _3



pedicure _before

This is in the iridescent foot-tub where you soak your feet while sitting in your spa-chair. Don’t worry, you can ask them to turn off the massage feature on your spa-chair.  There was lots of cutting and filing and pushing and scraping and much abrasive scrubbing. All in all, it was a little more sensation than I’m comfortable with.



pedicure _after

So smooth! So pampered! My feet can’t believe that they’re a part of me anymore.  “What,” they wonder, “are we doing carrying this fat slob around?”



Afterward we went out to Los Cantaros for a bite.  I like stucco the wall outside when the light’s right.

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