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Friday, September 23, 2016

Nobody Likes the Ik

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ceramic foam convo w @Lprobus

@Lprobus generously responded to my musings about ceramic foam with some well considered and brilliant suggestions. Thanks, @LProbus!

@LProbus: mix up some porcelain slip with a tsp of joy detergent, make it fine and thin and run it through a whipped cream charger, serve it in a hot dry place post results
23h23 hours ago

@dumbeast HD" Damn, that is some boohoo-jeebie process that you outline. Giving that some serious thought. Thanks! If it happens I'll certainly let you know.

I like clay.

 *googles whipped cream charger* "ohHo, hee hee hee, haha, whee!"
@LProbus: I'd like to reproduce this conversation on my blog, unless you would prefer that I don't. May I have your permission to post this? Y N

absolutely. Blog freely.

Thanks! Would you like any further attribution beyond your twitter @?

*nobody ever reads my blod. There's really very little at stake here tbt


nah, but my name is Lissa, and please note that NO2 is very flammable but CO2 not as much :) so, before firing, like way way dry, eh? and still bubbles explode.

Bruce here. Have you tried it, or similar?

nope :) but I had 6 semesters of ceramics and lost some good handles with fancy slip scores. my prof in KS was into adding propylene glycol as a slip thickener

If you dry for a long time and walk up firing very very slow or experiment with slump you might be able to fire layers or thin slices without explosions

Sounds rad. Hate to turn the kiln into an IED, though.

I would recommend using the CO2 and firing small slow samples if this is for firing... wiki NO2 chem at heat is weird :) Perhaps foam clay is for non fired applications.

Ohboy, perhaps you're right. I think I might be better off using CO2 or air or something. I'd like to make something like those porous pumice stones

Thanks so much for dropping all this Science and helping me think this through.

fun fun fun :) if you are not going to fire, or dry for a period of months, maybe no matter :) maybe glass beads?

Oh hell, I've got glass beads. Obsidian sand. Grape nuts. Lentils. I'll wedge _anything_ into clay. I'm kinda slutty that way.

pit fire 
Glass beads might be great because where exposed they may run in the high fire, making a glaze and leaving space


Monday, September 12, 2016

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