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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kraft Paper Book Red White Black Resist

Kraft Paper Book Red White Black Resist


I like this one. Oh sure it has its issues, but all in all a nice little piece.

Young Bruce in Door County

Young Bruce in Door County

Summer of 1961? I’m guessing.

New Cottonwood Arts Sketchbook

Cottonwood Book Cover

8.25 x 5”

Nicely bound, opens flat. Doesn’t like water media. Thanks, Cathy!


Cottonwood Book Frontispiece



Cottonwood Book Xmas Drawing

Xmas Drawing


Cottonwood Book Orange Drawing

Orange Drawing



Cottonwood Book Shingles Drawing




Cottonwood Book Cells Drawing



Cottonwood Book Small Cells Watercolor

Small Cells Watercolor


Cottonwood Book Orange on Black Watercolor

Orange on Black


Cottonwood Book Orange & blue on Black Watercolor

Orange and Blue on Black


Cottonwood Book Dark Grey horizontals

Dark Grey Horizontals


Cottonwood Book Blue rectan gle

Blue Rectangle


Cottonwood Book Black Zip w White Dots

Black Zip with White Dots

Late December 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Recent Black Book Drawings

11_24-14 pismo

11/29/14 Pismo



Black Square black book

Black Verticals


Blue Meander black book

Blue Meander


Blue Square black book

Blue Square

Recent Drawings


Blue Grid

Blue Grid


Blue Verticals

Blue Verticals





Blue Grid Square

Another Blue Grid

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