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Monday, December 19, 2011

It Watches You


Still from a mascara ad on TV.

“Animal Print” Xmas Letters

Xmas initials painted & cut out

Nil, Manju, ampersand, Cerina, Kum-kum, Ramona, John, Amal

Watercolor, inkjet and rollerball on paper.




Here’s the beautifully wrapped packages that Mary did. She’s so awesome!

Comma Commute

Comma Comma Comma Comma Comma C'mona Comma copy

I moonlight doing legal copyediting for my friend Al.  I usually do this work during my commute to and from my regular job at HAP.  This page collects all the times I wrote “comma” on the last five or six briefs that I worked on. I’m never sure how many peaks and valleys I put on the double-M in comma when I write it out on the bumpy train.


commas watercolour

Here’s a painting of the comma collection.  Inkjet and watercolor on paper. Hi, Al!

Mosbrucker Xmasisms


Rhubarb Pie. Thanks, Cathy!




Silver pumpkin


kansas city airport

Owl for Gayle

With his buddy Penguey.  “Whoooo are youuuu?”

Bringing Home the Noble Fir

Technically, I’m Jewish.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


thanksgiving decor 14



thanksgiving decor 11


thanksgiving decor 00


Ruthie w thxgvg flowers_0005


Commute 01



Commute 02

West Oakland BART


Insulate Me

Ad at Lake Merritt Station


Insult Me

Can you detect the subtle changes I made?


Commute 05


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