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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Oboy, it’s the Countdown to Yarzeit Season

7-20-2014 10-59-24 AM_0000

7-20-2014 10-59-56 AM_0001

7-20-2014 2-40-15 PM_0004



Bozo Shorts


Well, Larry's recuperating from a fall. He needed some doublewide shorts to wear over his leg brace.


7-19-2014 4-40-38 PM_0011

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lotsa Little Circles

7-14-2014 11-13-02 AM_0006
Ink on rice?paper
11 x 14.5cm

Red Gum Bark

Red Gum Bark


Collage. Bark, ink & inkjet print on Bristol Board. 11 x 14”



Red Gum Bark detail


Saturday, July 12, 2014




Collage, spackle, watercolor on 11 x 15” paper.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Fiberglass Dugout



Who’s for Crustacean Beer?

Who's for Crustacean Beer

Ink, Watercolor

Sailors Delight

He's a Gay. He's a Gay.

"I'm not a gay, I'm a boy. He's my uncle. I think."

June 26

Check out of Dona Susana, breakfast at cafe, private! water taxi to Yelapa.
Arr Yelapa 11, room's not ready until 2, beautiful white butterfly, see Germany beat USA. Excellent grilled fish lunch at Rogelio.
Crabs, crab crab.
Move in. Hi Eddie Flores. How does this mosquito netting even work? Triumph over broken fan stand with masking tape.
Dinner shared cheesy mussels, ceviche & spinach salad at the Local.
Warm vodka sodas, fireflies, a frog, a crab, some heat lighting on the deck.
No mosquitos!

Nothing Here is Plumb!

I love my new clinometer.

Mary Having Coffee

With a spider in the foreground

Beach Cops!


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