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Sunday, November 16, 2014




























Acorn squash coil pot sketch


Saturday, November 15, 2014


Slip-trail squiggle

Thick slip squeezed out of a squeeze bottle or one of those rubber ear syringes?  


Onto a plaster bat?  

And then do a lot of those and assemble them into a larger structure?


Squiggle pot

Hopefully something less lame than this.

Meanwhile, check out this woman’s stuff:

Silicone squiggle

The units would be something like this silicone squiggle. Try not to think about intestines.


slab coil sketch
  • Measure the strips using a square cross section stick; roll & cut.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Don’t You Hate it When You’re at…

...the kind of website where you know, right off, that 2/3 of the way through registration, an inane program design assumption will ultimately result in a logic loop that irrevocably borks the entire process.





Dagmar suggested we take an art class at Laney. The only one that meets M-W 6-8 is Ceramics. Instructor Larry Henderson seems to be an old "thrown stoneware teapot" kind of chappie. I could live with that.

I’ve gotten all excited about handling clay. I’ll need to know what the studio has to offer. Highfire? Gas kiln? Clay bodies? Is there a slab roller? Can I slip-cast?
I biked down to campus to check it out. Closed today, for Veterans Day? Here’s what I saw from outside the kiln deck:

back of the big kiln

looks like terracotta

Stoneware &  Weber grill. (Hi Dag!) There also seems to be a raku kiln, and a few skutt-type electric kilns for bisquing & lowfire.

…and here’s what I’d like to make:

Acorn squash upsie-downsie
Acorn Squash molds. Slipcast if possible, or make coiled blank, soften and hand-press into molds.

Slab Pot from Top
Slab vase from top. Texture larger sides with Fred-shredded leather from chair. Smaller sides with those wooden sticks from Mexico?

Coil pot
Vase for Mary. We’ll get some flowers to figure out what shape & size

Bowl  for Ramona 2
Bowl  for Ramona 1
Bowl  for Ramona 3
Bowl for Ramona. Use slumped red graph bowl as form.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Quattro Grid c #pic November 01, 2014 at 04:28PM

via Twitter Quattro Grid c #pic

Roselle 4 leads and a ground uninterrupted

Roselle 4 leads and a ground uninterrupted Source:

November 01, 2014 at 03:58PM


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