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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Week of Many Nametags

OVIPS chandelier
OVIPS photo-op.
Nametags.  OVIPS over EJS

Timeline from USF Mock Courtroom

Equal Justice Society Ceremony

at The University of San Francisco School of Law 8th Annual Creative Justice Art Show Hunger Pains.
Desk Set
Here’s what I showed, a watercolor called “Desk Set”, and the copy I wrote:
I do SSI advocacy outreach at methadone clinics in the city. My clients are destitute and addicted to opiates. They know from hunger; the hunger of living on food stamps (if that) compounded with the hunger of addiction.
When my clients come see me, they've just had their dose of methadone for the day. It's my belief that taking methadone probably knocks out every vitamin in your body. So when my clients come to see me, I always have a bowl of fruit on my desk. “Did you just drink some methadone? Here, have a nice piece fruit.”
This is a painting of my desk at one of the clinics with a bowl of tangerines.
Here’s the frame corner display at the framing shop that matted my painting.  Boy, they sure keep those rows straight and tidy!

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