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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Puzzling Evidence

How did this avocado get from the plate on the counter to the floor way over near the door?  Who ate it?
  • Geckos?
  • Some very organized ants?
  • We suspect a raton.
3/30/12 UpdateCathy saw the critter last night.  She thought it might be an aardvark.  When pressed for details, she produced this chilling rendition of the beast:


    Louie is presented to give a sense of scale.  You can see more of Louie here.

    Further evidence after the wine-cork incident.  Photo by Cathy Mosbrucker.

    Cathy pitches in:
    According to a thread on Trip Advisor, what I saw wasn't a rat but an
    opossum. According to Wikipedia, opossums are known in Mexico as tlacuache
    or tlaquatzin, which sounds something like the couple at the botanical
    garden was trying to tell us.  Here's a link

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