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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Douche Dancers at Beats Antique Show

At The Independent on Divisadero, 1/2/10.

Before the headliners came on, there were two opening acts--Evan Fraser started. Good loopy stuff. This video was recorded during Lynx and Janover's set.

Some enthusiastic dancers came and used up a bunch of personal space right near us. It was a scene, man. I don't even recognize what this scene is. "West Coast Circus" doesn't tell me anything. What is the philosophical foundation? What's the theoretical framework? Seemed kinda Balkan, kinda Semitic, what, Turkish/Romish? Oh well, everybody seemed to be having a good time. We were there mostly to skew the age demographic, and were glad to do it.

Beats Antique were excellent, but we had to leave really early in their set, because of the BART pumpkin problem.

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