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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday August 9 #NOLA

Up before breakfast, out to The Naughty Beignet for coffee, I grabbed some hotel sausage & scrambled eggs at the hotel while MJ got ready for yoga at a museum off Jackson Square. I flaneured about, screwed up a sketchbook page at pj's coffee, bought a new deck of cards. We hit Monty's for bisquits & bloody Mary's at 10 am, oh we're on vacation. Went to a historical museum and then the excellent & devastating Katrina museum. Back at hotel, showered & shaved.

Unattributed pieced constructed glass skull at Red Truck Gallery


Creole Queen

Aboard Creole Queen

Cont'd hung at hotel, then trundled up(!) to the riverbank to catch the Cajun Queen historical afternoon steamboat tour to the battlefield of some damn thing. We stayed on board for that part. It was, eh, fine, until Charles the tourguide guy started talking about Katrina, and then Shit Got Real. Very moving day by day history of how & why the disaster went down the way it did.

Coop's Menu


Got onto the trolley toward French Market, had some kickass gumbo followed by Jambalaya supreme. This was at Coop's, divey little joint, v comfortable & friendly with bathrooms that double as blastfurnaces. Made our way home & vegged out.

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