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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#NOLA Monday 8/8

Breakfast at Cafe beignet, then returned car to budget whose system was down so who knows what they'll charge us, la la la. Nice sweltering tour of Cemeteri St Louis, guide Mike Murphy writes boks about NOLA Mary left a queen of hearts at Mme Lavei's tomb.

Found the trolley & then a long hot hike out to Mopho for nice lunch w Marcus Jacobs & Caitlin. My turmeric shrimp beat marys cold buckwheat noodle dish. They gave us a ride in the pickup to the trolley stop.
Rode back to vieux Carre. I went into a faint while mj enjoyed the pool & bar. We toddled out for dinner around the corner at Copper Monkey.

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