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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hey bruce you like this guy

So then we will burn you when you are dead

So then we will burn you when you are dead

Wood, wood glue, fake fur, hot glue, watercolor, polyurethane, cotton
244 x 203 x 203 cm

Jon Pylypchuk makes his sculptures from the most impoverished materials: scraps of wood, remnant fabric, felt, glitter, and glue. Rendered with wonky ‘best attempt’ aesthetics, Pylypchuk mines all the sentimental authenticity of the unloved yet hopeful media of craft camps and community workshops. So Then We Will Burn You… pictures wee critters gathering around their stricken colleague. Reducing the moral sophistication of the adult world to artless simplicity, Pylypchuk plays out horror and grief with child-like naiveté and chilling matter-of-fact-ness, authoring a folktale of tactlessness, discomfort, and inadequacy.

“y'alls can suck my balls, of course not directed at anyone specific”

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