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Monday, September 05, 2011

Monday 8/22/11 L’Escala


Dang.  Forgot camera all day long.  Maybe Meg will send me some pix.  The Greek and Roman ruins were quite spectacular. A beautiful botanical garden was interspersed with the forum and the agora and the partially restored mosaics and everything.

Spanish Road Snaps_0007

On the road to Sant Marti.

Ruins postcard

Ruins of Empúries

“The ruins of the Greek and Roman city of Empúries are near to the summer resort of l'Escala. Three different civilizations settled here, the Indigetes, the Greeks and the Romans. It is the only Greek city west of Italy that can be seen more or less as it used to be due to the fact that it has been excavated intensively. Part of the immense sea-wall of the old Greek port can still be seen. The remains of the Greco-Roman city cover an area of 40 hectares and are the archaeological site most visited in Catalonia. Its privileged situation made Empúries the gateway chosen by the Greeks to the peninsula as well as witness of the arrival of the Olympic flame for the Games in Barcelona 1992.”

Photo & text by Javier Alvarez

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