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Monday, March 22, 2010

Subject: I'm Sure We're All Civilized People...

...and I wouldn't dream of imposing on your private life(s). So if you want to move in NEXT DOOR to us and not even say hello, well that's perfectly fine, I'm sure. Whatever you and M. Keil are doing in the privacy of your own home is totally your business, and no concern whatsoever of mine.

Just a word to the wise, though, Buddy. I'm getting on in years, you know. Sometimes my memory plays tricks on me. Sometimes I forget what I'm supposed to say, and what I'm not supposed to say. I'd hate to have word of this get out to my supervisor. At work.

So if there's anything that you'd like to, uh, reinforce in my memory, say with a certain quantity of folding money, feel free to get in touch, alright?



For years I had a great big crush on this cute shy girl named J. Keil. She was second chair flute and I was second chair saxaphone in our jr. high school band. She never gave me the time of day and moved to Hawaii. Now I live with her bodybuilder older brother M. Keil. But don't tell any one.

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