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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Collaboration with Fred

This is a collaboration between my cat Fred & me. Distressed leather, a sanding disk & ink on 11 x 16" Bristol Board. Fred did the distressing on the leather. It's a patch that I placed on my comfy chair at home. 

Fred likes to sharpen his claws  on the right arm upright of the chair, so eventually, it started looking like hell, I glued a piece of leather to cover it up. When that patch started looking like hell, I peeled it off and replaced it with another one. I glued the feline-modified leather to the paper above, did some other art-like activities, and voila, interspecies collage!

I brought the collage to ceramics, ran it through the slab-roller, bisque fired it.
White underglaze border, Black Iron Oxide where the leather was, Copper red glaze on the disk.

The cone 10 reduction-fired piece is a certain but as yet undetermined percentage smaller than the page it was made from because of shrinkage during drying & firing.  I like it. Fred is indifferent to the design, but enjoys scent-marking the corners with his face.

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