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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Flattened Traffic Cone

I went out on errands today, first dropped off a load of old clothes at the Salvation Army. Then I took some old batteries and floppy disks and various old electronics to an electronic waste recycling place out near Fruitvale BART.

On the way I saw this smashed traffic cone pylon.

Pylon Smashed Flat

I really like the shapes and colors. I thought this would make great collage material. Thought about picking it up and taking it home and making something out of it. Then I thought better of this. I thought, Instead I'll just take a picture and bring that home, then I won't have to glue anything to anything, or get rid of it after I've glued stuff to stuff or think of a place to hang it or store it or any of that crap.

While I was in the Fruitvale neighborhood, I tried to go shopping at a bodega but I couldn't find anything that was open, and the cars were acting very squirrely so I got back on BART with my bike and came home.

So, it was a nice trip in which I took stuff out of the house and didn't bring anything back except for a picture of a pylon. Happy New Year

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