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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Count Zero

Things that I count:

  • Count 6 while filling up kettle for coffee.
  • Count 9 while filling work glass from water cooler. I do this with my back turned. Nope, don't need to look, I've never overflowed. This is my version of macho posturing.
  • Shake off hands 12 times before drying them.
  • Count 13 while re-setting modem.
  • Count how many times I have to push the button before the garage door opens (usually 2).
  • Same for the number of times I have to press "6" to get an outside phone line at the clinic.
  • How many tries does it take before clothes dryer will accept my coins? Used to be 3, then it was a large indeterminate number, then I WD-40'd the mechanism, and now it's 1. I always wondered, what in the mechanism was counting to 3? I mean, 1 is simple, push it in and the coins drop. 2 is trivial -- first attempt aligns coins, then on the second, in they go. But 3? How did that work?

Things that I don't count:
  • I have no idea how many times I have to pump to get my tires up to 80psi.
  • Calories, points or carbs.
  • I try to remember to count my blessings, but sometimes I forget.

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