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Thursday, May 16, 2013

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ALL TECH IS FUXXORED TODAY. It's like one of those dreams where the phone keeps on coming up with new ways to not work. While i was typing that last sentence, the motion detector in my office turned my lights off. Look alive, people.

cl has internist appt at Northstate clinic 5/23 at 3:00. try to Make map, give to cl, tech won't allow, try workarounds, nada. shit. Finally printed map, this took like an hour. by teleporting to HAP'uter, pasting map into blog, doing a printscreenscreen, teleporting back to clinic 'puter, & printing out map in Word. Word.
Turns out client is in county jail. [protracted sigh.] conv w analyst, oy vey ist mir. If cl is still incarcerated, I should call Nothstate & let them know.  Phone:(415) 469-0508. Additionally, analyst was able to find all the stuff that I’ve been sending her, but it was an effort.  Analyst will fax me a new, more general barcode for any future submissions. Chut.

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