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Thursday, February 21, 2013

At the Naval Museum

Cathy, Richard and I visited the historical Naval Museum. 

Mary couldn’t come as she is temporarily indisposed with the, you know, intestinal whatever. Mine’s getting better, but I’m not getting on any busses anytime soon, I can tell you that my friend.

museo historico naval

Museo Historico Naval


Historical Helicopter Pilot

Historical Helicopter Pilot


Historical Sailors 1

Historical Sailors


Historical Sailor Eye, Ever Watchful

Historical Sailor Eye, Ever Watchful


Historical Rescue Helicopter 2

Historical Rescue Helicopter


Historical Model Bloat Pedicle

Historical Boat Model Pedicle


Historical Spine 4 with Pedicle for Fin

Historical Spine with Pedicle for Fin. 

I don’t know what pedicle means.  I may have made it up. More photos here.

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