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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dream Image

Networked 3 by 4 orbitally deployed alien or enemy units copy


Networked 3 by 4 Orbitally Deployed Alien or Enemy Units

We were at the seashore, and it was a clear night. Ghostly vertical contrails to the left. A sudden silent fall of these jobs, out of the sky, closely spaced, blanketing the earth. One hits me on the noggin, it’s startling but doesn’t really hurt, just bounces off me onto the ground. 

The core disk is a processor/sensor/sender/receiver cluster, and the three stiff radial wires terminating in crosses act as antennae and serve to orient the units horizontally.

The chips are logical and functional, but their architecture and design are radically different from anything anybody has ever seen. The wireless signals are similarly unrecognizable. Isotope analysis of the IC units reveals an uncharacteristic ratio of 28Si to 29Si to 30Si, with an odd spike in abundance of 32Si, and lacking the expected resulting bump in 32P (from beta decay of 32Si) impurity.

These things fell all over the earth, spaced about a meter apart, all at the same time. They’re mostly inert, their only activity seems to be communicating with each other in that strange unknown code. There have been no credible claims of origin.

Where did they come from? What are they up to?

Dream induced head-wound

The next day, and for the following week, I had this strange sore on my head, just where the thing had hit me in my dream.

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