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Friday, October 26, 2012

#MomentousOccasion (I’ll try to keep this pithy and to the point. Don’t be creepy.)

Stag's Lunchette - Oakland, CA

A couple weeks ago, I was doing my weekly Friday gig at Ward 93 at SF General.  Looking forward to that evening when Mary & I were going to see the live Jordan, Jesse GO! show in San Francisco. My cell rang, and it was Mary. She was on her way to work, had taken a bad fall, was hurt on 17th Street in Oakland, and couldn’t walk or even stand. She needed me to come help her get to Kaiser ER.

I whiteknuckled it to Oakland, first on the 33, then on BART.  All this time I’m thinking OMG OMG OMG, she’s sitting on a curb in Oakland, immobile and in pain, what could possibly go wrong, right? I picked up a cab at 12th St, told the guy that I needed to get to the 300 block of 17th St, and found her in front of Stag’s Lunchette. Sitting on a bench. We got her into the cab, took her to ER, they took care of her, and we cabbed home.

Mary & I had to miss the show that night, of course. We spent the evening switching out the ice packs and scowling at the crutches that they gave her at ER. But today, I heard the podcast of that show.

That night, Stephanie, the chef at Stag’s was a contestant at the JJGO show. She totally should have won the word mispronunciation contest. What a burn! They so obviously gave it to Kyle out of pity. Anyway, Stephanie, I’d like to thank you, or whoever it is that put that bench out in front of the Lunchette, for providing my best beloved a place to sit in her hour of need. I’ve got a new favorite lunch spot in Oakland.

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