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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fishing Trip to Pewaukee Lake

Djeneba getting some reading done at Smokey’s Muskie Shop.

Andy Pilots the boat.  He took over from me after I killed the engine and couldn’t figure out how to get it started back up. Andy read the directions. Started the engine.

Andy musters the gear.

Bruce hauls in the anchor. About a bale of seaweed, and several pounds of rich fragrant Pewaukee mud.  Catch of the day. Photo by dj-bor.

Djeneba indicates the diameter of the cold, hate-filled eyeball of the dread Pewaukee Lake Kolossal Kraken we outwitted by making it laugh (knock knock, who’s there?, yo momma, yo momma who?, yo momma has suckered tentacles and a propulsion siphon) and then, mid-guffaw, propping open its evil voracious beak with our oars. Better luck next time, you despicable, spineless (invertebrate) chromatophore-laden cephalopod.

Back safely on terra firma. Great trip.

…now this.  A painting of a dog in a sombrero. At Seesters in Pewaukee. ¡Olé!

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