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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Broken Tooth Dream

First morning of my 60th year. The broken tooth looked like a hazelnut, and the roots were numerous, smalland pink, more like root-hairs.

Crumbling Teeth:

Crumbling teeth dreams means our fear of getting old.  When you watch anything crumbling what image do you have of it? Our dream symbols act as metaphors so when you see your teeth suddenly crumbling it hits at your age and how you perceive yourself.  Nobody wants to get old that why dreams of this nature have such a profound effect on us at a later age.  These types of dreams are not something you should be alarmed about.  You may just want to come to terms with getting older.

…continuing with the Memento Mori theme, here’s a steelhead who has spawned and died…



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