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Friday, November 11, 2005

Anti-War March -- Oakland CA
"Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace"

Every Sunday, "LMNOP" holds a march around Lake Merritt in Oakland to articulate their stance against the war. Here's some footage from November 2, 2005. Marcher/Organizers Daniel Borgstrom and Pat Maginnis are featured.


Anonymous said...

Nice! You beat me to it. I've got a LOT of footage and interviews with LMNOP. I'm hoping to complete an extensive documentary by early next year.

Hey! And what about our Web site, !

Anonymous said...

Two nice visuals that are (mostly) missed in the video. The large flag that Bob Miller carries at the front of the march is not a standard U.S. flag, but substitutes a peace sign of stars for the rows of stars.

Also, Catherine Jones, who is often at LMNOP's peace walks (and I can see was at the one recorded in the video), makes some of the most beautiful protest signs (actually carryable works of fine art) you've ever seen. She has a gallery of some of her signs and another of other signs she finds interesting at her website. Her sign at the November 13th peace walk is the green one shown briefly near the end of the video.

Anonymous said...

Oops! The video obviously isn't of the November 13th peace walk, because it was posted two days earlier. However, it isn't of a November 2nd peace walk either, since this year November 2nd was a Wednesday. Presumably, it is really of the November 6th or October 30th peace walks (both of which I missed), since it can't be of the October 23rd walk that I was at (I think).

Bruce Bortin said...

Brucine's response to David Kadlecek's comments=>

Hi, David
Aw, shucks. I was hoping nobody would notice that I got the date wrong. The video was shot on Nov 6, and I'm quite baffled why I captioned it as the 2nd. If the discrepancy is really important to you or the group, I guess I can change it.

Your suggestions about getting better footage of the peace-sign flag and Catherine Jones' work are interesting, and should anybody want to hire me to make a more completely fleshed-out documentary, I'd be glad to entertain any and all input.

The original impulse to make this video was that of a friend who's connected to, and he and I just wanted to put up something cheap, fast and reasonably accurate. I think we did a pretty good job, while not exhausting the subject by any means. Wm Leslie Howard seems to have some interest in doing a documentary. Perhaps we should all meet up to discuss this.

Thanks for your interest in my work

xxBruce Bortin

Mike Sauber said...

message for Bruce "chicken lips" Bortin.
sorry to use this blog, but can't find any other email for you. This is Mike from the Diablo action 30 years ago in our "Blowing in the wind" group. (or is this really the inserted saboteur kid from santa maria who tried unsucessfully to get us yelling about "the pigs, man" from the bus.) No it's not.
good to see you are active still.
Mike Sauber
Silver City, NM, soon to be Maine.

Bruce Bortin said...

Good to hear from you, Mike. Good luck in Maine.

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